Teaching and Office Hours

Summer 2014 Office Hours

See the contact info page to phone or email for an appointment.

Winter 2014 classes

LIB 100: Introduction to Liberal Education
  Sec. 02, MWF 9:00–9:50am
  Sec. 09, MW 3:00–4:15pm

ENS 401: Environmental Problem Solving
  Sec. 01, W 6:00-8:5opm

Aristotle Reading Group

A group of faculty read Aristotle's Metaphysics over the past couple of summers. See the Ousiology Blog here.


Research Areas

American Pragmatism, Environmental Philosophy, Aesthetics, Phenomenology

Research and Academic Society Links

  Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy
  The Josiah Royce Society
  The Charles S. Peirce Society
  The Peirce Edition Project at IUPUI
  ARISBE The Peirce Gateway
  The Philosophy of Charles S. Peirce
  The Center for Dewey Studies at Southern Illinois University
  The George Herbert Mead Project
  The International Society for Environmental Ethics
  The International Association for Environmental Philosophy

Other Interests

 My favorite chain mail site. The proprieter and I are very close.
Boy Scout Troop 14, Spring Lake, Michigan